The LinuxForHealth connect FHIR R4 route allows you to post FHIR R4 data to connect and store that data as part of the LinuxForHealth Longitudinal Patient Record (LPR). You can also optionally configure LinuxForHealth connect to send your FHIR R4 data to an external FHIR server.


Route URL


Example URL

Path Parameter: resource_type

The FHIR R4 type of the resource

Calling the Route

Navigate to the LinuxForHealth connect Open API UI at and select POST /fhir/{resource_type} to post a FHIR resource as discussed in QuickStart. You may also use the tool of your choice, such as curl or Postman, to send data to LinuxForHealth connect.

Optional Config

In addition to storing data in the LinuxForHealth LPR, the FHIR R4 route can be configured to send the FHIR resource to an external FHIR server. To configure this feature, add your external FHIR server URL to connect/config.py as follows and restart LinuxForHealth connect:

fhir_r4_externalserver: str = 'https://user:password@localhost:9443/fhir-server/api/v4'

If your external FHIR server uses self-signed certificates, you’ll also need to set certificate_verify in connect/config.py to False:

certificate_verify: bool = False


The FHIR resource you supplied is stored in Kafka as part of the LinuxForHealth LPR, viewable via the Open API UI GET /data API. Please see QuickStart for instructions.